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Kahn, Dees, Donovan & Kahn, LLP, is an experienced full-service law firm in Evansville, Indiana, dedicated to effectively serving the legal needs of regional, national and international clients. Our philosophy of effective representation has earned us our reputation of providing results-oriented legal services with high levels of client satisfaction.

Our clients include privately-held and public companies, healthcare providers, professionals, financial institutions, manufacturers, universities, insurers, non-profit organizations, individuals, and trusts and estates. Relationships with our clients are highly-valued; and we strive to be long-term counselors and partners to successfully meet each client’s unique needs.


To achieve effective representation, we listen and understand the client’s long-term objectives, timelines and budgets, and utilize a collaborative, principled approach to resolve issues


Since our founding in 1908, clients have the assurance of our stability and know-how to deliver the highest quality legal services


Vested in the success of our clients and community, we are attuned to emerging legal issues, industry trends and economic indicators

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Many Permanent Residents Worried about Political Climate Can Alleviate Concerns by Obtaining Citizenship

Regardless of whether or not  you agree with the Trump administration’s stance on immigration, it is undeniable that actions taken and promises made to-date have created a great amount of concern and uncertainty for both undocumented immigrants and legal permanent residents. This concern was amplifi...

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How Will Trump Administration Impact EPA Reach and Environmental Regulation?

The impact that the Trump administration will have on the various governmental agencies is not yet known. However, the Trump administration will likely reduce the reach of the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) and its regulations based on the promises made and actions undertaken to date. An...

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Trump Appoints Miscimarra NLRB Acting Chairman

President Donald Trump appointed Philip A. Miscimarra Acting Chairman of the National Labor Relations Board ("NLRB" or "Board") on January 23, 2017. Miscimarra has frequently disagreed with fellow members of the Board and we hope that with his interim appointment, President Trump will begin to recas...

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    Substantial labor law experience, focusing on crafting efficient, timely solutions to each client’s unique business interests.

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    Larry R. Downs

    Of Counsel
    woman attorney, Olivia Robinson, KDDK

    Excellent researcher whose strong organization and communication skills benefit labor and employment law clients.

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    Olivia G. Robinson

    woman Attorney, Holly Anspaugh, heerdink, KDDK

    Responsive, hardworking and detail-oriented attorney who helps clients navigate complex legal matters.

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    Holly J. Anspaugh


    Utilizes his accounting and financial background to provide legal, practical business analysis in transactions and disputes.

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    Steven M. Theising


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