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Case Illustrates Need to Update Campus, Workplace Social Media Policies

Social media has become an integral component of our everyday lives, and has exponentially increased our ability to communicate and connect with others, and market our goods and services.  However, the use of social media is not without risks.  Social media posts are more frequently being used to su...

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Importance of Neutral Campus Speech Zone Policies

Recent cases in Illinois and Alabama involving controversial displays and leaflets help illustrate the guidelines public universities must follow when dealing with the expressive activities of students and visitors. In general, a university that permits students and outside visitors access to a por...

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Dear Colleague Letter on Title IX Coordinators Issued by DOE Office of Civil Rights

The Office for Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Education is currently investigating more than 105 colleges and universities regarding allegations that they have failed in compliance with their Title IX obligations. Likely in an effort to stem the tide of new incidents, the Department of Educa...

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Sending Course Schedule to Faculty Member May Create an Employment Contract

On October 30, the 7th Circuit released Meade v. Moraine Valley Community College, which included an interesting decision affecting schools and universities.  The Court held that a semester’s course schedule sent to an adjunct faculty member actually created an employment contract and rebut...

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Free Speech Rights and the Disgruntled Public Employee

On the eve of Halloween, the 7th Circuit released a decision which may raise additional concerns for public employers.  In Meade v. Moraine Valley Community College, the Court held that public employees are able to openly criticize their employers when the topic of speech includes matters o...

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Teachers with Concealed Gun Permits

Unfortunately, incidents continue to occur at schools throughout the country.  Teachers care about their students and they care about safety.  But many law-abiding Indiana teachers with valid lifetime concealed carry permits have found themselves in legally uncertain – or at least confusing – territ...

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