Construction Law

Construction Contracts & Management

Over the decades the KDDK construction team has contributed to most of the Southwest Indiana region’s largest industrial, office, university and health care projects, by working closely with and representing owners, contractors, architects and engineers, of differing sizes and specialties.  This wide-range of experience provides our construction team with an acute understanding of how construction projects work.

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Our engineering and finance-trained attorneys have extensive experience in helping coordinate all types of projects, from private estate homes to the construction of major commercial multiplexes and industrial plants. Because a construction projects can involve a multitude of contracts with designers, suppliers and contractors, and subcontractors, meticulous diligence remains the keystone to bringing-in a project on time and on budget.

KDDK attorneys are familiar with standard form documents such as the AIA and AGC, and can modify these documents to meet the unique requirements of each project. Often, however, such standard form documents are not appropriate and our construction team routinely negotiates and drafts tailored contracts to meet the needs of these large or unique projects.

Construction Litigation

KDDK attorneys have decades of experience working directly with top project managers to avoid disputes. And we work swiftly and cost-effectively to resolve those unpreventable disputes.  Our construction attorneys are experienced with arbitration, mediation and other dispute resolution procedures commonly used to solve issues such as construction delay, defective material and poor workmanship claims. Our constant underlying goal is to accomplish real time solutions, without litigation.

However, do know if litigation does occur however, or when mismanagement or unforeseen trouble threatens a construction project’s completion or financial feasibility, KDDK attorneys are well-versed at vigorously defending and promptly prosecuting in our court system.