Family Law & Private Adoption

Family Law

KDDK family law attorneys represent individuals in the drafting and negotiation of pre-marriage contracts and in dissolution of marriage (also known as divorce). KDDK also represents couples seeking to build a family through adoption.

Pre-nuptial Agreements

Marriage is an exciting and celebratory time. KDDK family law attorneys enjoy celebrating this time with our clients and helping them plan for the unexpected. Our attorneys are experienced in drafting pre-nuptial agreements and advising clients on the legal consequences of marriage.

Dissolution of Marriage

Unquestionably, divorce brings about difficult and stressful circumstances. We understand that whether the dissolution is an amicable or adversarial one, you need and deserve a partner to guide you through every step of the process and an advocate to ensure your interests are protected. KDDK family law attorneys provide the utmost personal attention, security and confidentiality during every phase of the proceedings.

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We are experienced in strategic asset and liability analysis, valuation and distribution of corporate and other business entities, asset transfers, and identifying and crafting settlements in accordance with tax requirements. Our attorneys have negotiated dissolutions through mediation but are experienced and ready to litigate, if necessary.

KDDK family law attorneys stand ready to advise you on financial and property division matters, child custody, child support and visitation matters, and potential spousal support matters. Let KDDK show you why our experienced family law attorneys have been chosen and referred to represent clients during their time of need.


Adoption law is ever-changing, but something that never changes is the pleasure of watching an individual or couple build a family through adoption — and knowing that our legal efforts have achieved what biology could not.

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KDDK family law attorneys are involved in all aspects of adoption. On occasion we represent either the couple who wishes to adopt, or the birthmother who is considering adoption for her baby.

We have experience in private (independent) adoptions which do not involve child placement agencies, but bring together prospective adoptive parents, a birthmother and her baby. In all cases, the best interest of the baby is kept at heart.

Private adoptions are court-supervised. The birthmother and adoptive parents are represented by separate legal counsel, and the process utilizes Indiana law to ensure an ethical and final adoption.

Step-Parent and Relative Adoptions

Our attorneys also participate in step-parent adoptions and relative adoptions involving a child that is adopted by someone who is biologically related. A step-parent adoption occurs when a parent with sole custody of a child marries someone other than the birthfather or birthmother, and desires that the new spouse legally adopt the child. This proceeding terminates the parental rights, voluntarily or involuntarily, of the other birth parent.

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