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Monthly Archives: May 8, 2015

Michael E. DiRienzo Presenting Fair Housing Seminar on Wed., May 13

Today is the deadline to register for the seminar KDDK attorney Michael E. DiRienzo will present on Wednesday, May 13, e...

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Brian Williams, Ryan Schulz Receive Statewide Recognition

Congratulations!  Brian P. Williams, a KDDK litigator and co-managing partner, has been recognized as a Distinguished Barrister and Ryan M. Schulz, a KDDK business attorney, ...

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Termination of Bankrupt Member’s Interest in LLC Violates Automatic Stay

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Indiana recently held that a limited liability company could not terminate a member’s voting rights in the company during the member’s bankruptcy case, without first seeking relief from the automatic stay. When a bankruptcy petition is filed, t...

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Successor Liability in the Purchase of a Business: Express or Implied Assumption of Obligations (Part 1 of 8)

When purchasing a business, buyers often prefer that the transaction be structured as an asset purchase rather than a stock purchase.  In a stock purchase, the buyer purchases the target company as an entity, and therefore assumes the seller’s liabilities, since the company being acquired retains al...

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