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Immigration Law

As the globalization of our economy increases, businesses are increasingly in need of the expertise of individuals who are not United States citizens. KDDK attorneys serve the needs of both corporate and individual clients by advising them regarding compliance with current U.S. immigration laws and U.S. Department of Labor regulations governing the employment of foreign nationals in the United States.

We also provide high-quality and cost-effective services to our clients on a wide-range of other immigration matters involving employees from outside our country’s borders, enabling individuals from foreign countries to enter, remain and work in the United States.

Immigration to the U.S.A.

Visas are stamps issued by United States consulates or embassies around the world which allow a foreign national to come to the U.S. from abroad. A Visa stamp indicates that the U.S. State Department is satisfied that a foreign national is coming to the United States for a lawful purpose. A foreign national (or alien) may be denied a Visa stamp if it is determined that person is attempting to enter the U.S. under circumstances that are not allowed, or illegal, such as terrorist activity, drug trafficking, inability to support oneself or communicable disease.

At a port of U.S. entry, an official of the INS examines the Visa and questions the alien to determine whether the conditions for issuing the Visa still exist. A Visa is not a guarantee that an alien will be allowed into the country, and the INS has the authority to turn away entrants. A successful entrant receives a separate document reflecting his or her entry to the United States. This document commonly includes a date by which the entrant must leave the U.S.